Hello! I’m Dr. Z.

I’m a family physician, but in a sense I’m also a detective and a teacher.

…Because in my opinion, that’s what a good doctor is.

As a detective, I focus on your body’s “clues” so I can find the source of those symptoms. Once we treat those underlying causes, the medical case is cracked, and you get to get back out there and feel like yourself again.

I also love being a teacher – and not just when I’m standing in the lecture hall or writing articles, but also when I’m one-on-one with the patients in my office. I take the time to explain the nature of your condition, the details of what’s happening in your body, and what you can do about it. I believe that education is the one of the most empowering tools I can offer you.

When we do this foundational work – of first properly finding the root cause of illness and then learning about the simple things we can do to remove those obstacles – healing becomes inevitable. This approach to care helps you respond to the treatments I prescribe and ensures a more complete recovery.

A Refreshing Alternative

I’m not interested in toeing the party line of our broken healthcare system.

I set up my practice such that I get to put down my prescription pad and listen to you. I don’t wear a silly white coat. You get to stay long enough to drink a cup of tea. You get a doctor who’s actually trying to figure out why your health isn’t optimal. You get answers to your questions and receive phenomenal care. And we get to – dare I say it? – have some fun in the process.

In an environment incredibly hostile to doctors practicing outside of big box hospitals, I opened a private practice because this is how to deliver the best care possible.

In a profession that disparages any deviation from the conventional approach, I proudly practice functional medicine because it works better.

In an industry that demands specialization, I continue to stay multi-talented and versatile, so that I may help you heal in the deepest way possible.

I can honestly say I make a profound difference in people’s lives every day.

Scope of Practice

A lovely blend of science and “woo.”

I integrate my knowledge in western and natural medicines to offer a variety of services, including:

  • Annual gyn exams, routine checkups, sports physicals, well child visits
  • Blood draws and lab tests – including specialty labs your other doctor might not know about, or refuses to order
  • IVs, injections, and dry needling
  • Vaccine consultations and customized alternative vaccine schedules
  • Minor surgery (such as placing sutures and removing moles and skin tags)
  • Nutritional counseling, dietetics, and nutraceutical prescription
  • Lifestyle counseling and coaching
  • Osseous manipulation (similar to chiropractic), soft tissue mobilization, IASTM, physiotherapy, pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Constitutional hydrotherapy
  • Botanical medicine and prescription of herbs, homeopathics, and supplements
  • Prescription of pharmaceutical medications, including testosterone (TRT) and bio-identical hormones (bHRT), as well as recommendation of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
  • Referrals as needed to specialists, and second opinions before undergoing invasive procedures
  • Treatment of routine illnesses like ear infections, colds/flus, and sprained ankles

Education & Training

It was at the end of my undergraduate career at McGill University that I realized I wanted to become a doctor. Unfortunately my double-major in English Literature and Religious Studies and minor in Russian Language wasn’t quite what I needed to get into medical school. After graduating from the “Harvard of Canada” in three years with High Honors, I went right back to college – this time to get a pre-med degree.

Unimpressed with what conventional medical schools had to offer both my future patients and me, I was delighted to discover and attend the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon – one of only five medical schools in the country to train physicians in truly integrative medicine.

After graduating from medical school with High Honors and speaking at my graduation, I completed a family practice residency at NUNM and honed my skills not only as a clinician but also as a teacher. After residency, I was blessed to be taken under the wing of board-certified pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas, author of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, and completed four years of part-time post-doctoral training in pediatrics under his tutelage.

Along the way I’ve also done many specialized trainings, such as completing a two-year program with the New England School of Homeopathy, studying thyroid health with Dr. Datis Kharrazian, and becoming certified in Holistic Pelvic Care™ under the guidance of Tami Kent. I am also adjunct faculty at my alma mater, where I guest lecture in the medical and nutrition programs and serve as a substitute attending physician.

Let’s Take Your Health to the Next Level


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