Healing Autoimmune Disease & Chronic Pain

Supporting Your Body, So it can Heal Itself

More and more Americans are living with chronic illnesses such as arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and ulcerative colitis. Unlike acute illnesses, which have a shorter course, chronic illnesses are persistent and long lasting.

Conventional medical care uses pharmaceutical drugs to control chronic symptoms. Although this may suppress acute ailments temporarily, it is often not enough to permanently heal chronic complaints.

My approach to caring for patients with chronic illness focuses on nourishing and gently supporting the whole person. My treatments work in harmony with the body; never against it.

The therapies I use help mitigate unpleasant symptoms while also addressing the imbalances at the root of those symptoms. I align my patients with dietary and lifestyle habits to help improve their capacity for healing and their overall quality of life.

You won’t be defined by your diagnosis. You won’t be prescribed the same medication as every patient with the same condition either. Rather, I will take the time to formulate a customized treatment just for you, to help your body heal itself.

Neuraltherapy & Neuralprolo for Scars, Injuries, and Chronic Pain

The inflammation that happens with severe or chronic pain is different than common inflammation, and often cannot be treated by anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone shots alone.

By nourishing the subcutaneous nerves – the small nerves that lie just underneath the skin – neural and neuralprolo therapies treat joint, tendon, ligament, and muscular pain.

By injecting procaine (in the case of neural therapy) or a glucose solution (in the case of neural prolotherapy) with a very thin needle just under the surface of the skin, we assist in the repair of the outer nerve covering, or perineurium. Healing the connective tissue in this way reduces inflammation and can relieve pain both short and long term.

These treatments also help reduce adhesions under and around scar tissue from old injuries or previous surgical sites.

Treatments take 15 to 30 minutes and can be done during regular office visits or scheduled as shorter sessions. Typically a series of 4 to 10 treatment sessions is recommended to achieve lasting pain resolution.

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