The Fine Print

for Remote Client Consultations


Dr. Zelfand is not your physician and therefore cannot order tests, prescribe drugs, or diagnose you with any condition. Your primary care physician and/or other doctors should always be regarded as a primary source of information about diagnosis, treatment, prescription drugs, and medical conditions.

Remote consultations are not a substitute for in-person care. All clients are required to work with a primary care physician locally. Delaying medical evaluation or treatment could be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Zelfand, you hereby agree that Dr. Zelfand is not your doctor, but your consultant. Likewise, you are not a patient, but a client. Dr. Zelfand is not responsible for any side effects, negative reactions, injuries, or death that result from her recommendations during consultation sessions. You are always expected to check with your doctor before implementing any changes to your healthcare plan.

Dr. Zelfand reserves the right to terminate the consultant/client relationship at any time for any reason. Any flirtatious advances or sexually suggestive comments will be deflected and the professional relationship terminated, with no refund.


Remote consults involve electronic communication of your/your child’s personal medical information to a practitioner who may be located in another state or country. We take precautions to ensure your privacy, but cannot make any guarantees regarding the HIPAA-compliance of the technology used.

Likewise, we expect you to respect confidentiality: recording of sessions is strictly prohibited. Recording somebody without their permission is not permitted. (It’s also creepy, and illegal in many states.)


Dr. Zelfand cannot and will not provide information on where or how to obtain illicit substances. She likewise does not refer clients to practitioners working “underground” administering illegal or not-yet-legal therapies. She may, however, share what she knows about clinical trials for which you may be eligible to apply to enroll, although she does not guarantee that you will be included in the trial or that it would benefit you to do so.


Most insurance plans do not reimburse for remote consultations. Dr. Zelfand does not work with any health insurance companies and will not correspond with them either. Superbills for telemedicine sessions will not be provided, nor will any CPT codes or ICD-10 codes appear on your receipts. Payments will be processed through the online scheduling system.

Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a session. Failing to do so will result in a fee. Late cancellations and no-shows will incur a $100 for sessions 45 minutes or longer and $50 for sessions shorter than that (or the full cost of the visit, whichever is lesser). Scheduling is in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

NOTE: If you reschedule your appointment and then cancel ​that​ session – even if it’s with greater than 48 or 24 hours’ notice – that is called being sneaky and we may still bill your card!


Dr. Zelfand is typically not available for phone calls or e-mails outside of scheduled visits. If you need to speak with her, you may send a message to her administrative assistant through the secure client portal (you’ll get an invitation after your first appointment), or schedule a “quick question” appointment online to chat.

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