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Dr. Zelfand combines a wide knowledge base with a clear love of teaching that translates into a style that is engaging and effective. As a lecturer, she is dynamic and delivers information like a storyteller. In smaller settings she has a natural understanding of group interactions and can lead vibrant discussions.

– Dr. Sunjae Lee

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  • How Sugar is Destroying your Health and Hijacking Your Brain
  • Too Hot to Handle? The Fever Class
  • Optimizing Digestion, Rethinking Reflux, and Kicking Constipation
  • Vaccination without Hysteria
  • Put Down the Steroid Cream and Treat Your Eczema
  • Weight Loss Myths (Why a Calorie isn’t a Calorie)
  • Cholesterol and its Effect on Heart Health (Quit Picking on Eggs!)
  • Zendo Project Psychedelic Harm Reduction Training (5 hrs, co-presented)
  • Clinical Applications of Psychedelic Medicine (2 hrs)
  • Balancing Primary Care with Naturopathic Philosophy (1 hr)
  • Trauma-Informed Medicine: Training for Healthcare Providers (1 hr)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training (90 mins)
  • Adrenals, Thyroid, Gonads (2hrs)
  • TRT for Cis-Gendered Men: an Integrated Approach (2hrs)
  • Panel discussion on pain management, OHSU Physician Assistant Program
  • Successful Business-Owner Panel, NUNM resident education (Panel Discussion)

All of the following programs were researched, developed, and delivered by Dr. Zelfand. They were taught in remote villages living in poverty and limited access to healthcare services. The goal of these workshops was to enhance the communities’ working knowledge of basic nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, and first aid to reduce the chances of illness and to help individuals better identify the warning signs that warrant making the long and costly trip to the hospital. To ensure that further community trainings could happen in her absence, Dr. Zelfand trained local NGO workers and empowerment volunteers in all course material before leaving Africa.

  • CPR, Heimlich Maneuver, and Basic First Aid workshop (3 hours)
  • Healthy Pregnancy Workshop (1 hours)
  • Supporting a Woman in Labor, Catching Babies, and Troubleshooting Obstetric Emergencies Workshop (2 hours)
  • Demystifying Puberty Workshop for Adolescent Girls (1.5 hours)
  • Nutrition Foundations & Meal Planning (1 hour)
  • Hygiene & Sanitation for Disease Prevention (1 hour)

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