Consulting Services for Natural Living Product Developers

I understand what the natural health consumer wants. Do you?

If you’re creating a healthcare product aimed at integrative doctors or their patients, I can help point out roadblocks and offer pointers on how to circumvent them. The bar is set higher for this market, and I can help you adjust for it accordingly.

Consulting Services for Fellow Healthcare Providers

Are you a fellow healer in need of guidance? Would you like to “pick my brain?”

Clinical Support. Stuck on a tough case? Needing some guidance? Wanting to learn the nuances of how to prescribe a certain herb, or interpret a functional lab test? Need some strategies for using natural medicine in your practice? I’ve got your back.

Business Advice. If you have questions about structuring your business, whether or not to accept health insurance, how to collect payments, how to find a healthy work/life balance, or how to best train your personnel, we should talk. (Seriously: members of my team write me random notes telling me how much they love working with me.)

Internships for Medical Students

Externship, Preceptorship, Shadowing, etc.

It’s my honor to support, inspire, educate, and empower fledgling healthcare providers. Thanks so much for your interest! I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for functional medicine with like-minded and open-minded individuals like you.

I typically ask for a commitment of one shift per week for 12 weeks, and I will expect you to help with rooming patients, taking vitals, and wrapping up tasks between visits.

All students are required to have an interview on site at my clinic (whenever possible) before working with me.

My internship slots are all currently full, as is my waiting list. Please check back periodically.

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