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Dr. Zelfand strongly believes that decisions about your medical care should remain between you and her, uninterrupted by third party interests. She has made the informed, empowered, and conscious choice to be an insurance free, out-of-network provider. For this reason, payment is due in full at time of service.
Upon request, our office will provide you with a coded receipt (called a “superbill”) that can be submitted to your insurance carrier. If you have out-of-network benefits, your insurance carrier will mail you a check to pay you back in part or whole for your visits here. Check with your insurance provider for specifics about your plan and coverage of out-of-network providers.

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We accept cash, check (with photo ID), and all major credit cards. You can also use Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards to pay for your visits and supplements.

Payment is due in full at the time of service (with no exceptions), and we require an active credit card on file for every patient. We do not offer payment plans, although Dr. Zelfand does offer sliding scale discounts to patients with true financial need and a strong desire to use integrative medicine. For those rescheduling remote consultations, payment is due at the time the appointment is made.

Clinic Policies (The Fine Print)

All patients will must review and agree to our Clinic Policies and sign a Consent to Treatment in order to be seen by Dr. Zelfand.

Remote consultation clients are required to agree to our Policies and Consent for Clients form.

All prices are subject to change.

All prospective clients are invited to schedule one free brief conversation with Dr. Zelfand to help you assess if she’s the right consultant for you.

45 minutes to 1 hour: $300.00

< 45 minutes: $200.00
< 30 minutes: $150.00
< 15 minutes: $75.00

5 minutes: $20.00
(Established clients only)

Payment Policies

In addition to our standard payment policies and administrative fees, please note that payment for remote consultations will be due in full at the time of booking, and we can only accept credit cards for these appointments. Superbills (insurance claim forms) will not be provided.

All prices are subject to change.

All prospective clients are invited to schedule one free brief conversation with Dr. Zelfand to help you assess if she’s the right consultant for you.

New Patient Visit: $400

This visit includes 45-75 minutes of face time with the doctor. A comprehensive medical history is collected, physical exams are performed, and typically lab tests are ordered. The first phase of treatment is usually prescribed, although depending on the complexity of the case this may not happen until the second visit. Unless a patient has been directly referred from another provider’s office for a specific procedure (not a consultation), all patients new to Dr. Zelfand’s practice must first have a proper New Patient Visit. This includes family members of already established patients.

Follow Up: $200

This visit includes 25-45 minutes of time with the doctor for continued care and lab review. If there has been a lapse in care of more than two years, a new patient visit is required.

Brief Acute Visit: $150

This is a 15-30 minute visit targeted on one acute complaint such as a sprained ankle, flu, strep throat, etc.

“Quick Check” or Brief Procedure: $75

This is a brief visit for things like blood pressure check, re-examining an ear infection treated at the last visit, an emotional freedom technique (EFT) session, getting a quick neck adjustment, etc.

Brief procedures can also be done during these visits. Note the are small additional charges for materials, as follows:

  • Naso-sympatico: $8 for swabs and essential oil used in the treatment
  • Cryotherapy: note we no longer stock liquid nitrogen and are therefore unable to freeze off warts
  • Minor surgeries: $25 for surgical tray, local anesthesia, and sterile instruments
  • Neuraltherapy/Neuralprolo/Trigger Point Injections: Minimum $5 for dextrose, and/or $2.50 per mL of procaine (a typical treatment uses 5-10mL of procaine).

Annual Well Woman Exam: $225

This visit is for women who’d like a friendly, unhurried annual screening physical, breast exam, and pelvic exam. Depending on the situation, a pap smear, hemoccult stool test, and/or other samples may be collected at this visit, and a mammogram ordered. The cost of this visit does not include the lab fees for interpreting pap samples, etc, but it does include Dr. Zelfand’s handling of the samples.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: $95

This visit includes 15-30 minutes of holistic pelvic care treatment with the doctor. This is a focused bodywork visit; other medical concerns or lab results will require a separate visit.

On-Site Tests & Lab Handling: $10 to $35

This includes the cost of materials for urine dips, rapid strep tests, pregnancy tests; $25 for blood draws during a visit; $35 for a separate blood draw appointment; $15 handling fee for other types of lab samples collected and sent out to a lab of your choosing.

Injection Visit: $35 + Cost of Medication/Vaccine

These are quick five-minute visits for administration of an already-discussed and already-prescribed vitamin, medication, or vaccine. The cost of the substance injected is NOT included in this price. These injections may be administered by Dr. Zelfand or by her assistant/intern.

All prices are subject to change.

Submitting Insurance Forms on Your Behalf: $7

Within a day of your visit, you will receive through our patient portal a Superbill – the form you’ll need to submit to your insurance if you’re seeking reimbursement or would like your visit fee to be applied toward your insurance deductible. For a small administrative fee, we can file this form on your behalf to your insurance carrier.

Research Time: $300/hr.

Many patients with rare diseases or particular needs appreciate having a doctor who listens to them and honors their special requests. Dr. Zelfand is happy to do additional research and reading on a topic of your choosing.

Late Cancellations & No-Shows: $50 and $100

Because of the considerable amount time Dr. Zelfand reserves for patient visits, when patients late cancel or no-show to appointments it leaves a considerable gap that could have been spent caring for another patient. For this reason we request 48 hours’ notice when cancelling appointments.

If the first visit is cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice (or if there is a no-show), $100 will be charged.

For follow up or other types of visits cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, the fee is $50.

Miscellaneous Admin Tasks, Referrals, & Letters: $15 to $50

Instead of charging high monthly concierge fees for her time or limiting patients’ access to her outside of visit, Dr. Zelfand charges a reasonable rate for requests made outside of office visits. This includes sending a new prescription in to a pharmacy, completing special forms for work/insurance/school, sending referrals, writing letters, and so forth. Quick clarification questions will be addressed free of charge.

Prior Authorizations: $25 to $50

The reason so many doctors don’t order the MRIs and special imaging or tests that their patients require is that this entails the laborious process of obtaining a prior authorization from the patient’s insurance provider. Dr. Zelfand believes in getting you the care and workup you deserve, even if it means spending half an hour on the phone arguing with an insurance company or coordinating with a third-party processing company.

All prices are subject to change.

Laboratory Testing

I believe in using the best diagnostic tools to help identify the root cause of your concerns. Unlike some other providers, I do not mark up the tests I order, and run as many tests as possible through your health insurance (if you have it). All other testing is offered to you at direct lab costs – not the expensive functional medicine lab prices you may find at other clinics.

Fees for laboratory testing are not included in the cost of office visits. Conventional blood tests may be covered by your insurance provider, although we cannot guarantee coverage. Lab pricing and insurance reimbursement depend on the specific test and vendor, and unfortunately the current state of healthcare in America makes it nearly impossible for us to provide you with accurate quotes on how much your insurance will or will not cover.

We are also contracted with specialty discount labs, should you prefer to pay upfront for testing and get transparent pricing.

Food intolerance testing, for example, is $159 out of pocket (as of this writing) to screen for 93 different food intolerances. The company we use for this testing does not bill insurance, but they will send you a superbill if you request one.

Prescription Medications

Private insurance benefits typically cover the cost of prescription medications, although compounded medications are usually not covered. Contact your insurance carrier for details.

Supplements & Natural Medicines

I prescribe personalized nutritional and lifestyle treatments to every patient. To help support the healing process, I also use herbal, homeopathic, and/or nutritional supplements. As with lab tests, I prescribe what I think you need, not what I want to sell. You’ll get 15% off of all retail prices on any supplements in my patient online supplement store.

The cost of medicines and supplements vary based on your condition and the care you need and typically range from $50-100 per month. Dr. Zelfand’s patients enjoy a generous discount on professional-line products, with easy online ordering and free shipping on orders of $49 or more. Click here to shop for supplements.

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