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Let’s Take Your Health to the Next Level

Welcome! Let’s take your health to the next level.

Click the button below to schedule a free meet-and-greet or your first visit.

Please note that the meet-and-greet can be by phone, but the first visit must be in person.

When scheduling your first visit (not free meet-and-greet): After selecting your desired appointment time for your first visit, you will be prompted to read through the clinic policies and complete the intake forms. This can take 20-30 minutes, so make a cup of tea and get comfortable! Your appointment will not be reserved until the intake form is completed.

Welcome Back, Dear Patient

Schedule, reschedule, or cancel IN PERSON appointments here:

Schedule, reschedule, or cancel PHONE or WEB appointments here:

Log onto the secure patient portal to send Dr. Zelfand a message, access your treatment plan and instructions, print off another copy of your lab order, upload documents, and view shared lab results.

Purchase supplements as prescribed by Dr. Zelfand at 15% off retail price through the online medicinary.

Long distance?

Remote telemedicine consultations are now available to those in other states or countries who are unable to travel to the clinic.

Unless you establish care in person, Dr. Zelfand cannot be your doctor, but can be your consultant. Likewise, you are not a patient, but a client. She cannot order tests, prescribe drugs, or diagnose you with any condition during consultation sessions, but she can offer nutritional advice, suggest tests and treatments to discuss with your local doctor, and offer insights into what the root cause of your ailments might be.

NOTE: If you have seen Dr. Zelfand in person WITHIN THE LAST TWO YEARS, please do not use this scheduler! Click on the “Established Patients” scheduler instead to schedule a phone or web consult. Thank you.

I can help with product development, tough cases, and internship opportunities.

Check out the page below for details and links to schedule.

Clinic Policies (The Fine Print)

Patients are required to review and consent to our Clinic Policies and sign a Consent to Treatment when booking appointments.

Remote consultation clients are likewise required to agree to our Policies and Consent for Clients when scheduling consultations.

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