Integrative, Versatile Care

Let’s Take Your Health to the Next Level.

Men’s Hormones

Hormones affect mood, energy, libido, fertility, muscle mass, bone density, cholesterol production, digestion, skin integrity, fertility, and more. Dr. Zelfand thoroughly assesses each man’s individual symptom picture, nutritional status, and hormone levels to prescribe the most effective treatment.

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Women’s Health

Get in the driver’s seat and reclaim your body’s natural rhythm. Dr. Zelfand can help with menstrual issues, PCOS, fertility, postpartum issues, menopause, pelvic floor imbalances and more. Let’s get you feeling sexy, alive, and strong.

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Digestive Health

Helping your body overcome pain, irregular bowel habits, reflux, and other ailments, Dr. Zelfand’s approach to gastroenterology includes clinical nutrition, medical herbalism, identifying food sensitivities, and healing from the inside out.

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Healthiest Children Possible

Dr. Zelfand treats babies, children and adolescents, with a strong emphasis on preventing and treating ADD, autism, autoimmune disease, asthma, allergies, recurrent infections, and digestive complaints. Vaccination is a personal choice, but it can be hard to choose a schedule. Having an informed doctor is essential.

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Autoimmunity, Chronic Illness, & Pain

Chronic and autoimmune illnesses are persistent and typically poorly controlled through conventional practices alone. Integrative medicine can make all the difference in gently returning your body to a state of harmony. Care is also needed at the level of the brain and nervous system to break pain patterns.

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Weight Loss & Diabetes

Because skipping meals doesn’t work, calorie counting is a nuisance, diet pills have dangerous side effects, and you can’t survive on chalky protein shakes for the rest of your life. Just about any diet works for the first six months; the art is in keeping the weight off. Dr. Zelfand’s approach is sustainable, transformative, and gentle.

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