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Welcome to Simba Health!

MY MISSION is to get you back on that horse. Or dance floor. Or mountain. I’m here to help you feel your best.

I do this in a comfortable setting, where a cup of herbal tea awaits you at each visit.  My office is welcoming, clean, and cozy-yet-professional. There is no line to wait in. No crowded waiting room crawling with germs. No hurried medical staff rushing around.

I combine the best of natural medicine with modern science to provide you with an individualized, effective, and enjoyable approach to healing. It’s exceptional care that goes above and beyond what you’d find elsewhere.

The Road Map

(How Appointments Work at Simba Health)

Preparing for Your First Visit

I am thrilled to offer you my personalized attention. I reserve over an hour of time for your first visit, and further prepare by reading over your intake forms before you arrive.

For this reason, I require that all intake forms be completed in full on my online system at least 48 hours before your appointment. Due to the high volume of patients waiting to be seen, I may need to cancel or reschedule your first visit if your intake forms are not submitted at least two days before your visit.

…But don’t hurry through the forms. Block out at least 20 minutes to sit down and thoughtfully answer the health history questionnaires. Your healing is worth it.

Establishing Care: The First Visit

At the first visit we will meet in person so I can get to know you and your health goals. I’ll gather important details about your health through a thorough intake and pertinent physical exams. Right away I’ll begin doing my “detective” work to fully understand and nourish your health needs.

Based on your concerns and my findings, I may order laboratory tests. Depending on the nature of your condition, these may include routine blood tests, speciality blood tests, saliva tests, stool tests, diagnostic imaging, or other specialized testing. These tests are ordered to further help identify the root causes of your ailments.

At this first visit we may also begin implementing personalized nutritional and lifestyle strategies to begin building the foundations for health.

All patients must establish care in person at my office. Once I’ve seen you in the office, we can do follow up visits via phone or video.

Please note: Because of the unique approach to care I offer and my commitment to help grow the pool of providers trained in truly integrative health, I often have a student or intern observing and assisting me during visits. Every intern is carefully interviewed before joining me, and is under the strictest of confidentiality agreements. My interns help with light tasks like disinfecting surfaces between visits, rooming patients, and collecting vitals. If there’s ever something sensitive you’d rather discuss without them in the room, please feel welcome to say so and they’ll step out respectfully. They’re trained not to take it personally!

“What if I Can’t Travel to Portland?”

Some people don’t have the means or ability to travel to Portland, Oregon, yet my wisdom and skillset may still be of service. If you truly can’t travel to see me in person, a remote consultation might be the next best thing. Read more about remote consultations here.

Complimentary Nutritional Support

To help implement the nutritional advice prescribed, you’ll also have a complimentary session with my brilliant, funny, and creative Certified Holistic Nutritionist. To help you dial in your nutritional healing, she’ll ask you about your dietary likes, dislikes, and needs, and then provide you with a customized meal plan (with recipes!) to ensure your success. She’ll also check in with you a couple weeks later to help smooth out any wrinkles. (Additional sessions with the nutritionist may also be purchased.)

Putting Together the Pieces: The Second Visit

The second visit typically occurs once your lab results are in, usually 2-4 weeks after your first visit. At this visit I will carefully explain your test results and what they mean.

We’ll also check in on your progress and discuss how things have improved since the initial appointment.

The second visit is where your story, your symptoms, your physical exam findings, and your test results converge to help us piece together the most accurate picture of your health. This allows me to further personalize and perfect your treatment program.

Fine Tuning

We’ll check in again 4-8 weeks after the second visit to review your progress on the program and fine tune the game plan as needed.

…And Beyond

Depending on your progress and the nature of your illness, we may need to check in every 4-8 weeks until you’re at the optimal level of health.

My goal is your independence. I strive to educate you about your health, help you set healthy habits, and use natural medicines to help you feel amazing. Once you get there, we’ll just need to check in once or twice a year.

Labs & Supplements

I believe in using the best diagnostic tools to help identify the root cause of your concerns. Unlike some other providers, I do not mark up the tests I order, and run as many tests as possible through your health insurance (if you have it). All other testing is offered to you at direct lab costs – not the expensive functional medicine lab prices you may find at other clinics.

I prescribe personalized nutritional and lifestyle treatments to every patient. To help support the healing process, I also use herbal, homeopathic, and/or nutritional supplements. As with lab tests, I prescribe what I think you need, not what I want to sell. You’ll get 15% off of all retail prices on any supplements in my patient online supplement store. My office is also across the street from an integrative pharmacy and a health food store, and you are always welcome to shop elsewhere for your supplements if you prefer.

Let’s Take Your Health to the Next Level

I’m Ready When You Are.

…Not sure? Let’s start with a free 10-minute consult to help you assess if I’m the right doctor for you.

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