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Welcome to Simba Health!

the consulting business of Dr. Erica Zelfand

My mission is to get you back on that horse. Or dance floor. Or mountain. I’m here to help you feel your best.

I combine the best of natural medicine with modern science to provide you with an individualized, effective, and enjoyable approach to healing. It’s exceptional care that goes above and beyond what you’d find elsewhere.

Functional Medicine, in the Comfort of Your Home.

I am delighted to work with clients from all around the world and have so much to offer people just like you.

We can connect by phone (US phone numbers only) or web to discuss your health concerns, talk about the results to lab tests you ordered on yourself or that your other doctor ordered, set health goals, explore second opinions, and answer your questions about various conditions, tests, and protocols. Consultations with me are typically information-packed and inspiring, and are often a wonderful adjuvant to local care provided by your primary care physician or other specialist.

Remote consultations are not a substitute for in-person care, so by law I cannot be your physician. This means that I won’t be able to order diagnostic tests, prescribe drugs, or diagnose you with any condition.

I may make suggestions of labs worth considering, which you can then discuss with your doctor or order yourself through Any Lab Test Now (or other direct access lab). I may offer insight into herbs, supplements, and other natural products, which can be purchased through my online shop or elsewhere. I may also suggest medications, which you can ask your healthcare provider about. And you can absolutely bet I’ll offer suggestions about nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise.

Some of my clients have just one or two sessions with me to help point them in the right direction. Other clients check in with me every few weeks to continue chipping away at chronic health issues. I’m here to support you as much or as little as you desire.

Ready Freddie?

Let’s take your health to the next level.

Note: clients must agree to our policies.

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