The Perks of Pubes

The hygiene of armpit and pubic hair for people of all genders.   Once upon a time, the Gillette company realized it could double its market if women bought razors. Because most ladies don’t [...]

Pain? Try Vitamin C

Nutritional support for acute, chronic, surgical, and cancer-related pain What do humans have in common with other primates, bats, and guinea pigs? (No, not a love of cheese!) What we all have in [...]

Just Move One Piece

Sew a button back onto an old shirt, donate a box of old clothes you never wear, trim your fingernails, tune the guitar. These are the little things we can do to start waking ourselves up, to [...]

Video: Forgiveness

In this video, I discuss some of the challenges to forgiving others that have hurt us and explore creative ways to heal our hearts anyway. I draw on personal experiences from my own life, my [...]

Golden Milk

One of my favorite beverages this time of year is golden milk. Made from tasty, healing Ayurvedic herbs blende d with coconut milk, this drink is delicious served hot or cold. It’s also one of [...]

Carrot Latke Recipe

Hooray for Chanukkah, festival of lights, and excuse to eat latkes! Traditionally, latkes are made from potatoes, which are a starchy, fast-burning carbohydrate. This essentially means that after [...]

The Question NOT to Ask

You know your friend who doesn’t have kids yet? …Or your cousin who’s been married for 5 years to a guy that makes good money, but there’s no bump? …Or your neighbor whose child is already [...]

Safe Anal Sex

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about anal sex and when a condom is necessary. Let’s clear some things up, shall we? I should start this (admittedly risqué) blog post by explaining: my [...]

The Milk Myth

A recent study from Harvard has echoed what integrative physicians have been saying for years: There is little if any reason to give a child a bottle or glass of milk. . Health Problems [...]

Kick TUMS to the Curb

Part II of My Series on Reflux Here are 7 simple ways to get over reflux for good:  . {1} Clean Up Your Diet. Avoid the common reflux trigger foods, including: Spicy foods like salsa and hot [...]

Video: Clomid for Low T

In this video Dr. Zelfand talks about the use of clomiphene (Clomid) for men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and how it works in the male body. This is a follow up video from last [...]

Obstacles to Weight Loss

When Obesity isn’t a Choice, and Kale and Crossfit aren’t Enough It’s no secret that Americans are big. We’re the fattest people in the world. …And it’s a legitimate health issue. Obesity is, in [...]

Anemia in Pregnancy

She. Began. Talking. Like this. With little. Gasps. And. Pauses. Between. Words. Last week I was having lunch with a dear friend who is in her 38th week of pregnancy. While telling me about her [...]

Dairy Free Products

Going dairy free was kind of hard. After years of recommending the elimination and challenge diet to my patients, this past summer I finally took the leap of courage and did it myself. I knew it [...]

Myths About Herpes

There’s quite a bit of misinformation when it comes to herpes. Let’s clear some things up, shall we? . Myth: Herpes can only be transmitted during an active outbreak. Herpes is much more [...]

Lakota Life Wisdom

I recently had the honor and good fortune of attending a women’s sweat lodge ceremony. Lead by a woman named JJ – full time mom, Unitarian minister, and protector of the lodge – we gathered on a [...]

Wanna Digest? Rest!

Did you know your nervous system controls your digestive health? Well, it does! Let’s look at the two branches of the autonomic nervous system that play into healthy digestion and elimination: [...]

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