The Fine Print for Clients

These terms are subject to change at any time.

By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Zelfand / Simba Health, LLC, you agree to ALL of the following:



Dr. Zelfand is skilled in both conventional biomedical (“allopathic”) medicine and natural (“alternative”) therapies. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Zelfand, you understand that you are receiving an alternative to the standard biomedical approach to healing offered by the conventional medical model in most counties. If you want the standard medical approach without any integrative insights, you may be better served by another practitioner.

Remote consultations are not a substitute for in-person care. In-person appointments are likewise not a substitute for seeing a primary care physician regularly, and seeing medical specialists when needed. You are required to work with a primary care physician local to you. Delaying medical evaluation or treatment could be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Zelfand, you hereby agree that you are not entering a physician-patient relationship with Dr. Zelfand or any provider at Simba Health, LLC. As such, the same rights, privileges, and restrictions of primary healthcare are not extended to this work. This work is not covered by malpractice insurance. You are expected to take responsibility for yourself and the risks you take by engaging in these appointments.

Dr. Zelfand and Simba Health, LLC are not responsible for any side effects, negative reactions, injuries, or death that result from her recommendations (or her lack of recommendations). You are always expected to check with your primary healthcare provider before implementing any changes to your healthcare plan. It is entirely your own responsibility to consider the advice and recommendations offered by Dr. Zelfand and to educate yourself as to the possible risks and benefits of such recommendations.

We reserve the right to refuse business to any person or any entity for any reason, and are under no obligation to state said reason(s). Dr. Zelfand likewise reserves the right to terminate the consultant/client relationship at any time for any reason. Any flirtatious advances or sexually suggestive comments will be deflected and the professional relationship terminated, with no refund.


Remote consults involve electronic communication of your/your child’s personal medical information to a person who may be located in another state or country. We take precautions to ensure your privacy, but cannot make any guarantees regarding the encryption of the technology used, nor does this unlicensed work fall under the obligations of HIPAA. We are therefore not obligated to keep records of appointment or furnish any of notes upon request to you, your health insurance provider, or other party. However, it is our intention and commitment to you to protect your personal information and confidentiality to the best of our ability, always. We will always act to maximize your privacy.

Likewise, we expect you to respect confidentiality: unless agreed upon prior to each appointment, recording of sessions is strictly prohibited. (Recording somebody without their permission is also creepy, and illegal in many places.)


By working with Dr. Zelfand and Simba Health, LLC, you agree that all people have a divinely-given right to choose and receive for themselves any type of healing they feel is best for their mind, body and spirit. These options include, but are not limited to, all forms of indigenous medicine (e.g., alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative, etc.) whether traditional or non-traditional, as well as conventional medicine.

Although Dr. Zelfand carries a medical license issued in the United States, her work in consultations is done independently of that licensure. Dr. Zelfand is also licensed by the First Nation Medical Board as a Certified Tribal Practitioner.

She may discuss therapies with you that are not legal in your area. It is your responsibility to know and understand the laws of where you live, and to follow them accordingly. Dr. Zelfand’s opinions are protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as well as the United Nations General Assembly (Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted at the Palais de Chailot in Paris on December 10, 1948). Much of the spiritually-focused work that Dr. Zelfand advises on and performs is done outside the jurisdiction and authority of federal, state, county, and city agencies and authorities. For any and all complaints, please contact the First Nations Medical Board.

Please do not ask Dr. Zelfand to aid or abet illegal activity or to recommend others “working underground” who may be willing to break the law. Dr. Zelfand may, however, share what she knows about clinical trials for which you may be eligible to apply to enroll, if she is aware of any. She does not guarantee that you will be included in the trial or that it would benefit you to do so. She may also share information she knows about services available in countries with different laws, though safety and legality are not guaranteed.

You swear under penalty of perjury that you are seeking care with Dr. Zelfand and Simba Health, LLC solely on your (or your child’s) behalf and not as an agent or representative for any Federal, State, County, or City Agencies; that you neither represent any Board (e.g., medical, zoning, etc.) or Licensing Agency (e.g., government, healthcare, etc.); nor are you on a mission of entrapment or investigation on behalf of these or any other agencies, either on this or any subsequent visit(s). You agree to pay $250,000.00 USD (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand United States Dollars and No Cents) in liquidate damages if you are found to be in violation of this covenant.

You agree to hold Dr. Zelfand and Simba Health, LLC harmless from unintentional liability.


Most insurance plans do not reimburse for remote consultations. Dr. Zelfand does not work with any health insurance companies and will not correspond with them either. Superbills for remote (phone or web) sessions will not be provided, nor will any CPT codes or ICD codes appear on your receipts. Payments will be processed through the online scheduling system at the time of booking. Our online payment system accepts both FSA (flexible savings account) and HSA (health savings account) cards, as well as regular debit and credit cards.

Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a session (48 hours for the first appointment). Failing to do so will result in a fee. Late cancellations and no-shows will incur a $100 for sessions 60 minutes or longer and $50 for sessions shorter than that (or the full cost of the visit, whichever is lesser). Scheduling is in Pacific Standard Time (PST).


All clients are required to join Simba Health’s secure client portal. This is where recommendations and visit summaries may be viewed, and where secure messages may be sent to Dr. Zelfand and her staff.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL, TEXT, OR E-MAIL THE OFFICE WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR CARE. The ONLY place to ask questions about your care plan is online via the client portal messenger (you will get a free link to join after your first session) or during an appointment with Dr. Zelfand. The office phone and e-mail are for backup scheduling purposes only.

Dr. Zelfand is not available for phone calls or e-mails outside of scheduled visits. If you need to speak with her, you may send a message to her or her administrative assistant through the secure client portal. You may also schedule a “quick question” appointment through the online scheduler.

Simba Health, LLC’s phone, email, and other routes of communication are (wo)manned by Dr. Zelfand’s administrative staff. The only way to contact Dr. Zelfand directly is to send Dr. Zelfand a portal message or talk to her during an appointment.


Full terms of service for this site are available here. Online lab terms of use are here.

Policies and procedures for patients can be found here.

In addition to the above agreement, friends, family, and those who know Dr. Zelfand socially will be asked to review and abide by the Friends & Family Agreement.

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