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Are You Stage Shy?

Let me help you with that.

You are an intelligent, creative, and capable person. Your work has the power to improve the lives of countless others. Before you can help save the world, however, you need to first get your message out to those who want to hear it. But what if the idea of standing on a stage with a mic clipped to your lapel makes you want to lose your lunch?

That’s where I come in. I’m a mover, shaker, and public speaker who knows how to captivate an audience. I’m also a licensed physician and understand how to present clinical data.

If you’re inspired to keep presenting, I can review your slides beforehand and coach you on your presentation. Depending on the logistics, I can even come along and co-present with you, delivering many elements of the presentation while allowing you to field audience questions. Or, if you’re really stage shy, I can present as your/your team’s representative.

Spare yourself the pit stains.

Let’s connect.

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