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Functional Medicine, in the Comfort of Your Home.

Do you want more than 7 minutes of a doctor’s time?

Do you want to really understand what’s going on with your health and what you can do about it?

We should talk.

I combine the best of natural medicine with modern science to provide you with an individualized, effective, and enjoyable approach to healing. It’s an exceptional approach that goes above and beyond what you’d find elsewhere.

I am delighted to work with clients from all around the world via phone and web, and have much to offer people just like you.

Let’s take your health to the next level.

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Things I Can Help With

Men's Hormones

Women's Health

Kids & Vaccines

Chronic Illness

Digestive Health

Weight Loss & Diabetes

I’m ready when you are.

Note: all clients must agree to our policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet? (Online!)

We can connect by phone (US phone numbers only) or web to discuss your health concerns, talk about the results to lab tests you ordered on yourself or that your other doctor ordered, set health goals, and answer your questions about various conditions, tests, and protocols. Consultations with me are typically information-packed and inspiring, and are often a wonderful adjuvant to local care provided by your primary care physician or other specialist.


Will testing be ordered? What about medication?

Remote consultations are not a substitute for in-person care. By law I will not be acting as your physician. This means that I won’t be able to order diagnostic tests, prescribe drugs, or diagnose you with any condition.

I may make suggestions of labs worth considering, which you can then discuss with your doctor or order yourself through Any Lab Test Now (or other direct access lab). I may offer insight into herbs, supplements, and other natural products, which can be purchased through my online shop or elsewhere. I may also mention medications worth asking your healthcare provider about. And you can absolutely bet I’ll offer insights about nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise.


Can I fly to come see Dr.Z in person?

My practice is closed, and at this time I am only connecting with people through remote consultations.


Do I need to buy a package?

Nope! Some of my clients have just one or two sessions with me to help point them in the right direction. Other clients check in with me every few weeks to continue chipping away at chronic health issues. I’m here to support you as much or as little as you desire.

Ready Freddie?

Let’s get you back on that horse. Or dance floor. Or mountain.

Note: all clients must agree to our policies.

Consulting Services for Natural Living Product Developers

I understand what the natural health consumer wants. Do you?

If you’re creating a healthcare product aimed at integrative doctors or their patients, I can help point out roadblocks and offer pointers on how to circumvent them. The bar is set higher for this market, and I can help you adjust for it accordingly.

Working on something BIG? We can start with a chat by phone or web using the scheduler below. Depending on the scale of your project and your interest in working with me, we can then discuss a flat fee or an hourly rate for ongoing support.

Consulting Services for Fellow Healthcare Providers

Are you a fellow healer in need of guidance? Would you like to “pick my brain?”

Clinical Support. Stuck on a tough case? Needing some guidance? Wanting to learn the nuances of how to prescribe a certain herb, or interpret a functional lab test? Need some strategies for using natural medicine in your practice? I’ve got your back.

Business Advice. If you have questions about structuring your business, whether or not to accept health insurance, how to collect payments, how to find a healthy work/life balance, or how to best train your personnel, we should talk. (Seriously: members of my team write me random notes telling me how much they love working with me.)

Internships for Medical Students

Externship, Preceptorship, Shadowing, etc.

It’s my honor to support, inspire, educate, and empower fledgling healthcare providers. Thanks so much for your interest! I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for functional medicine with like-minded and open-minded individuals like you.

My internship slots are all currently full, as is my waiting list. Please check back periodically.

Students and interns are also welcome to schedule mentorship appointments with me. Whether you’re looking for support around job applications, work/life balance, or something else, I’m happy to help.

Considering a Career in Natural Medicine?

Talk to somebody on the “inside”

How much does medical school really cost?

Is it better to become an MD, DO, ND (or NMD), NP, PA, homeopath, clinical nutritionist, clinical herbalist, health coach or what?

What about job satisfaction, earning potential, opportunities for working/volunteering abroad, loan forgiveness, versatility of skillset? When do you fit in travel, a wedding, and childrearing if you want to become a doctor?

There are so many factors to consider when taking the very big step of pursuing a career in medicine. There’s no one right choice for everybody, but with a little thought you may be able to find the path that best suits your talents and goals.

I am a graduate of a CNME-accredited naturopathic medical school and can speak to the pros and cons of the education I received (which, by the way, was phenomenal!) and the job prospects I found (and didn’t) when I got out of school. I’ve also been out of school long enough to see what kinds of personalities thrive in this industry and what kinds don’t. I have close friends that are NDs, MDs, DOs, NPs, PharmDs and all other kinds of practitioners – some in private practice, others working in hospitals and urgent cares, others working for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, others teaching, others writing, others working with plant medicine in the Amazon, and still others in research – who have shared with me (both on and off the record) how they feel about their career choices and the advice they wish they’d received when they were sitting where you are right now.

I hope you’re asking yourself these tough questions and doing more than just guesstimating the answers. Let me help you connect some of the dots and fill in the gaps so that you can make the choice that’s ultimately smartest – and healthiest – for you in the long run. Because my goal? Is for you to be happy.

Your future self will thank you. (And me!)

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