Hydro Stimulates Immunity, Digestion, & Metabolism

Hydrotherapy (aka “Hydro”) treatments are gentle and well tolerated by most if not all patients of all ages and walks of life.

Constitutional hydrotherapy is wonderful for resolving both acute and chronic infectious, balancing autoimmune conditions, and supporting proper cellular regeneration in cancer treatment.

This relaxing therapy assists with cellular detoxification and nutrition, making it an excellent treatment during a cleanse, weight loss plan, or detoxification program.

It is also calming to the nervous system and gently counters inflammation, thereby helping with injuries and pain.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

The most common hydrotherapy treatment used is Constitutional Hydrotherapy. This therapy was named by O.G. Carroll who felt the treatment was so powerful that it can change the very constitution of our cells.

This treatment entails resting in a quiet, dimly-lit treatment room while the technician applies first hot and then cold towels to the chest and then back. The contrast of these temperatures serves to drive more circulation to the organs of digestion, move lymph, and stimulate the bone marrow to make more white blood cells for fighting off infections.

A physiotherapy machine is also used to further support healing. The electrical stimulation delivered by the machine feels like a gentle tingling sensation at the site of the pads. These pads are first applied to the upper back, where they assist with lymphatic drainage and detoxification. They are then moved to the low back and belly so that they may stimulate the nerves of the digestive tract. (Sometimes children cannot sit still enough to get the electric stimulation, which is no worry; we can skip this step in the treatment if need be.)

Receiving a constitutional hydrotherapy treatment is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, much like massage or acupuncture. Patients typically leave feeling happy and relaxed.

Hot Fomentation (aka "Hot Fomie")

The hot fomentation is a warming therapy designed to stimulate a fever or other significant rise in body temperature.

During this treatment hot clay packs are placed on the treatment table for extra warming as hot towels are applied to the trunk. Cold, wet towels are intermittently run over the chest, abdomen, and back in a rigorous rubbing motion. This stimulates the metabolism and immune system and also helps the body detoxify through increased sweating.

What to Wear

Getting a hydrotherapy treatment is much like getting a massage; you will be uncovered from the waist up. We use a skillful technique in applying and removing the towels that ensures the chest is entirely covered and out of the technician’s view during the treatment.

We advise bringing along a change of underpants to go home in, as it’s possible the undergarments worn during the treatment will become damp from the wet towels.

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