How to order your own laboratory tests


Hello there, empowered wellness-seeker!

I’m glad you found this service – a place where you can order your own lab tests, step into the driver’s seat, and begin to more deeply understand your health and your body (or the health of your children). This is where you can access many of the laboratory tests that your doctor might refuse to order (or that they frankly might not even know about).

Knowledge is power. I hope your mindful use of this service helps arm you with information that helps you enrich your health and your life.

Feel free to peruse the lab menu at Ulta Labs, and be sure to check out the testing panels lovingly and painstakingly created by yours truly. In addition to featuring the tests I write about on my blog, the custom panels also tend to be a better value than ordering the included tests separately.

But before we proceed, however there are some quick policies you should be aware of, in addition to this Site’s general terms of service.


By ordering your own labs, you understand agree to ALL of the following policies and procedures:

How it works:

After filling your shopping cart with the test(s) you desire on this site, you will be prompted to create an Ulta Labs username and password. After that, you will be asked to submit payment information, at which point an order form (called a “requisition form” in medical-ese) will be provided. Print out this form and bring it to your local Quest Diagnostics Service Center (or other affiliated draw site as indicated in the instructions) for sample collection.

Note that samples can NOT be collected in New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island. The address of the customer listed on the lab order likewise cannot list a residence in one of these 3 states. Although customers do not need to be American citizens, this service is ONLY available to those physically in the United States at this time.

Be sure to read over and familiarize yourself with any testing preparations – some tests (like the cholesterol profile) require that you don’t eat or drink anything but water for 8-12 hours before draw, others (like the gonorrhea/chlamydia screen) require that you not go to the bathroom for at least an hour before going to the collection site.

When your results are ready you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to log in to your Ulta account, where you will be able to view and print your results.



All services from this point onward are between you and Ulta Labs – Simba Health & Dr. Erica Zelfand take no responsibility for any inconvenience, expense, or injury that result from your use of Ulta Labs’ services & the services of their affiliates. Likewise, any questions or concerns about the process, fees, etc. should be directed to Ulta Labs. Simba Health does not handle any details pertaining to payment, collection, processing, or results reporting.


Are You Ready to Know?

While I encourage people every day to take ownership of their lives, I certainly don’t recommend that people without medical degrees start acting like their own doctors. (Heck, I don’t even recommend that physicians doctor themselves!) It’s always a good idea to check in with a licensed healthcare provider before ordering tests on yourself. I also strongly recommend discussing your test results with your healthcare provider for evaluation, further testing, and diagnosis. It can also be helpful to consult a healthcare provider before making any changes to your healthcare plan.

While knowing your health status can be an empowering thing, it can also be scary. Before ordering testing on yourself, take a moment to assess your support system. Are you truly in a place where you could handle potentially receiving some hard news? Be gentle with yourself, and proceed mindfully.

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